What is the Akash?

Perhaps you’ve heard the word or maybe another term is more familiar. The Book of Knowledge. The Hall of Records. The Book of Life. The Hall of Two Truths. The Etheric Information Superhighway. The Encyclopedia of Everything.

Earth’s Record

The Akashic Records are known by many names across many cultures, and those are just a few. They are a limitless resource for self exploration, greater clarification, and healing. Though often referred to as a storehouse of information about each and every individual on the planet, they are so much more—readily accessible to help us be as fully-informed as possible so we may experience greater joy and peace.

The Akash isn’t actually a geographical location we visit but rather, a meditative journey we embark on by uttering aloud a prayer that connects us with our Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones (MTLOs). Once we engage with the energy of that prayer and enter into a quiet space of inner reflection, we begin to sense what feels like unconditional love and regard for who we are, exactly how we are.

From that most welcome place, we respectfully ask for assistance to understand our struggles, to find a way to truly accept that we have done the best we could, and to transform what isn’t working into something more productive. If appropriate action is called for, we get guided to consider steps that could bring about improvement and transformation.

Yours, Mine & Ours

Each person on the planet has a unique Akashic Record, as does our Earth. While it may stretch the limits of your imagination, you absolutely can access that Record, the Akash, and explore ways to help address your concerns. Information gleaned from such active meditations offers extremely practical guidance and suggestions for alternatives you might never come up with on your own.

Like walking into a library filled with books that all look the same, calling up your own Record makes it stand out in an obvious way. The same thing applies to looking up the Earth’s Record. It is uniquely available as a resource for exploration. Suddenly, you have a much more comprehensive “book” to look up the things you’ve been wondering about. What do you want to know?

For environmentally concerned individuals and organizations, accessing the Earth’s Akash offers an avenue to propel you forward in a very concrete way, so that your goals are more readily attainable. Who knows? You might even discover some new ones.

Frequently Asked Questions

Think of them as the storehouse of information about you and every other person. Some religions have referred to this as the “Book of Life” wherein all is written. The Records are accessed through a prayer and entered into with explicit permission. Questions are brought to the Records in order to help with the mundane (and not so mundane) challenges of life. The exploration is grounding in nature and very comforting.
The Masters are not personality-identified nor have they ever been physically embodied. They work at the behest of the Lords of the Records to reveal information to you which can lead to the changes you seek. The Teachers may or may not have had lives on Earth but the Loved Ones certainly have—they’re the people you’ve known in this lifetime (even peripherally) who have passed on, and they’re here as part of your support team.
They are the Keepers of this beautiful dimension of consciousness. They’re taking care of business and managing the MTLOs. Like a remote CEO, you know they’re there but they’re always behind the scenes!
Absolutely, and please do! This once-closely-held ability is finding its way into the mainstream via the efforts of people like Linda Howe and the Center for Akashic Studies. Begin as I did by getting Linda’s book, How to Read the Akashic Records. And of course, I teach classes and seminars (see the Events page) and can partner with you as a “host” to bring the Records to your town.
There is a beautifully simple prayer that can be spoken to get you to that realm of energy and information—into the heart of the Akash. It’s your gateway. Mining the Akash means delving into the Records to unearth useful information.
There is a beautifully simple prayer that can be spoken to get you to that realm of energy and information—into the heart of the Akash. It’s your gateway. Mining the Akash means delving into the Records to unearth useful information.
It’s actually a Sanskrit word meaning “primary substance” or “the ether”. This refers to “energy in its first and earliest state…a quality of light in both the physical and spiritual senses.” Many sacred texts have referred to the Akasha, but the Akashic Records don’t belong to one culture or religion. They’re universal in nature.
Absolutely. This is a fascinating and useful way to work in the Records. Exploring the Earth’s Record can lead to very practical steps to help change the things that concern you. You can view those concerns from a larger perspective to help you work within your own field of influence.

Classes and seminars are taught in Texas and beyond. Contact Maria directly or check the Events page.

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