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Earth’s Record grew out of concern for the environment, a deep connection to nature, and training in how to access the Akash. By working in the Earth’s Akashic Record, it became evident that this largely untapped resource can help address our planet’s many challenges. Now is the time to tune in and take action.

Maria K. Benning

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Maria K. Benning

Linda Howe Center
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Raised in a military family on various bases in America and Germany, Maria K. Benning moved to Austin, Texas where she earned a B.A. degree and taught German and English to high school and then college students. She later earned a Master’s in Counseling and Psychology and became Director of a holistic wellness center for people with HIV/AIDS.

From there she took her first corporate job, earning certification as a Senior Professional in Human Resources. She worked for companies in environmental engineering, pension administration, real estate investment, high-tech, agriculture and the law.

Maria returned to grad school and completed coursework towards her MBA. While at a corporate job in San Francisco, her life took a very sudden and unexpected turn. That turn resulted in her working in the healing arts and a subsequent interest in the Akashic Records as a limitless resource for healing and transformation.

It is the work in the Earth’s Akashic Record that commands much of her attention these days. Environmental stewardship can now move in a very directed and creative way to offset some of the disrespect we have shown the planet, in a way that allows us to make inroads toward greater balance and health.

If you’re interested in the Akashic Records and energy healing for more personal needs, there is a wealth of information at my sister site, including a blog with years' of articles:

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Reconnective Healing®
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Former President, Holistic Chamber of Commerce-Austin

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Human Resources (corporate and non-profit), Austin & San Francisco

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